Getting estimates from contractors can be a difficult process when you do not have a set of pre-approved plans. We can provide conceptual ideas, 3D renderings, architectural drawings, engineering, and permits. Let our experts help you design the right space for your home and budget.

Concept to Engineering


Concept Phase We come out to your site and discuss ideas and high level estimates. We take pictures and measeurements of your home and yard. We check the setbacks and building requirements for your local jurisdiction and prepare some rough plans for our desing team.

Design Phase We send all the details to our desgingers and architects and come up with a basic model. This will usually include up to 3 revesions with different layouts, colors, and materials that you will choose based on your style. After this is complete we will provide a 3D model of the final project.

Architectural Phase After the design is selected our architects will finish the design to include all of the details and dimensions of the structures. This can include a material list and types of connections to use in the construction. This is ideal for DIY projects or to get "apples-to-apples" bids from contractors.

Engineering Phase Depending on the structure you may need engineering to verify the foundation, framing, roof, and connections. We work with Washington Professional Engineers who can verify the saftety and integrity of the design.

Permits The permit process varies depending on where this will be constructed. We work with Clark County, City of Vancouver, City of Ridgefield, City of La Center, City of Camas, and all other building departments in Clark and Cowlitz Counties. We understand the process and work to get your permit issued in a timely manner.